Is there room for change in you organizational culture?  I hope so, because building great cultures is about recognizing the need to change, selecting the right changes and effectively implementing those necessary changes.

In an earlier blog I pointed to the three things great organizations do well:

1. Consistently produce outstanding results
2. Attract, motivate and retain top talent
3. Successfully adapt to changing conditions

How does your culture stand up to those standards?


It’s important to understand that workplace cultures are created in one of two ways:

1. Through conscious decision making by leaders who correctly assess the needs of their organizational cultures and make the changes necessary to lead their organizations toward their full potential.


2. Through unconscious neglect

Either way, you’re  going to have an organizational culture.  The question is, how good will it be?  I have proven many times that every leader has more than enough latitude and plenty of resources to dramatically improve their organizational cultures if, they know how and are diligent in doing the things necessary to build great workplace cultures.

Great workplace cultures really do pay.  Take Southwest Airlines for example.  By any measure, Southwest Airlines is almost always number one:

– Profitability
– Competitiveness
– Productivity
– Customer service
– Safety
– Stock appreciation
– Employee Satisfaction

The reason for all of these successes is primarily found in the strength of their organizational culture.  And it runs from the top to the very bottom of their organization.  As an example, the baggage handlers working under the airplanes all have their own balanced score card that spells out their key, personal performance measures, tracks their performance on those measures and ties them to the financial measures of the whole corporation.

Unfortunately, instead of focusing on a proven process that works year after year, too many leaders are looking for the ‘magic bullet’; the special process that will create the results that will make their organizational culture a ‘real winner’.  They try this process and then another – the program of the month or  year.  That’s just like twisting on the Rubik’s Cube, expecting it to magically resolve itself.

In the coming weeks and months, we will be revealing a proven workplace cultural renewal process (the Visionomics Process) that has demonstrated outstanding results year after year in many, many organizations.  Stay tuned, look at my blogs and vlogs, get and read Making Culture Pay – Solving the Puzzle of Organizational effectiveness.  Take the free One Page Cultural Assessment that free at and begin to understand the strengths and weaknesses of your present workplace culture. See you soon.