Going back to reflect on a few of the important points I made in an earlier blog, please remember, great workplace cultures consistently do three critical things:

1. They consistently produce outstanding results
2. They attract, motivate and retain top talent
5. They successfully adapt to changing conditions

In this blog, I want to focus on the third point, successfully adapting to changing conditions.

The first part of our problem with change is that only about 25% of all people admit to liking change in their lives. The others are happy with change as long as it is happening to someone else. Furthermore, most people are very late to recognize the need to change. Much like the proverbial frog in the heating water, many people and their organizations are so late recognizing the need to change that their organizations are ‘run over’ by their competitors or, at the very least fail to live up to their true potential.

In order to demonstrate this tendency we have to not recognize change or the need for change, I would invite you to watch the video blog (Vlog) included here and play the ‘Missing Card’ game included in the video.


As we get into the next few week’s blogs, you will find how I believe your organization can become very good at recognizing the need to change and prepare yourself to make the appropriate changes to enable your workplace culture live up to its true potential.

We all know of great organizations that lost their momentum and some even failed completely due to their inability to recognize the need to change in time, or made the wrong decisions when they did try to appropriately change (Xerox, Kodak, Eastern Airlines, Pan Am, Woolworth, Napster, Montgomery Wards, Etc., Etc., Etc.).

I hope to offer you the steps for not only recognizing the need to change but also a process for making the right changes.  In addition I will offer the overall process for effectively using your leadership skills to effectively put in place, all six of the critical elements of highly effective workplace cultures.

Go to the Visionomics website, download and execute the free one-page cultural assessment so that you are in touch with the strengths and weaknesses of your present workplace culture.

So, stay tuned, comment on our blogs, ask questions and prepare yourself for  the processes we will be bringing you.