Culture Survey

Visionomics Cultural Assessment

  • Based on Jerry Haney’s six critical elements of workplace culture
  • Survey can be subdivided into any number of organization’s work-groups
  • Associates execute their survey responses online in twenty minutes or less
  • Results are instantly available to leaders
  • Can be used for establishing a ‘cultural baseline’ and for follow-up to determine cultural improvement
  • Economical and effective

The Visionomics Cultural Assessment is web‐based automated assessment tool that will enable leaders at every level of your organization understand how their associates feel about the strengths and weaknesses of their particular work group.
The survey is based on the six critical elements of workplace culture as described in Jerry Haney’s acclaimed book Making Culture Pay.
Associates go online and respond to 30 statements that address their own beliefs and assumptions about their work group.
The assessment only requires 20 minutes to execute and the results are immediately available. The results can be reviewed in tabular form or in the unique circumplex format shown here.
Results can be accumulated at each level of the organization and can be compiled for each organization individually or
grouped by team, department, division, subsidiary and the enterprise as a whole.
Cost is dependent of number of participants. Please call for a quotation.