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An essential tool in maximizing the potential of your organization, Jerry’s book “Making Culture Pay: Solving The Puzzle Of Organizational Effectiveness” will provide you with a new understanding of culture… and reveal a proven process for cultural renewal!

In his book, Making Culture Pay – Solving the Puzzle of Organizational Effectiveness, Jerry Haney provides leaders at whatever level of any enterprise, his insights, gained over 30 years of leadership experience concerning what he found to be the six critical elements of building high performance workplace cultures.

Jerry led organizations as small as ten associates to organizations that numbered in the thousands.  His teams and organizations rose to the pinnacle of performance and provided him with the opportunity to truly understand organizational behavior.  His book will get the reader in touch with the six critical elements of organizational culture and give him or her the opportunity to also realistically assess the cultural strengths and weaknesses of their organization today.

Beyond Making Culture Pay, Jerry can provide leaders with the roadmap and tools to successfully undertake the exciting, never ending journey of continuous improvement for themselves and their organizations.

He also blogs regularly on his experiences and the comments and questions of his audience members.