What is Visionomics?

Transformational Leadership Training and Workplace Culture Experts

Visionomics is a speaking, training and consulting practice whose purpose is to enable organizational leaders at any level of any organization to maximize the performance of their organization, thereby enabling it to live up to its full potential.  These high performance workplace cultures have three distinct characteristics:

  • Consistently high bottom-line performance
  • The ability to attract, motivate and retain top talent
  • The ability to appropriately adapt to changing conditions

The Visionomics process breaks organizational culture into six identifiable, manageable critical element of workplace culture:

  • Institutionalized Core Values
  • Clarity of Direction
  • Competitive Products and Services
  • Clarity of Structure
  • Clarity of Measurement
  • Effective Rewards

These elements may be viewed as interlocking elements of a greater whole, but each stands up to independent examination.

Visionomics is based on several key points:

  • Every organization has a workplace culture. Cultures are a product of one of two things:
    • Conscious decision making, or
    • Unconscious neglect
  • Leaders tend to rise in organizations based on their success in one or two areas of expertise and are seldom trained to understand and lead organizational cultures.
  • While outstanding cultures are ideally led from the top of the organization, a “less than optimal” corporate culture should never be an excuse for any leader not to assume the responsibility for maximizing the effectiveness of his or her own sub-culture (Subsidiary, division, department or team).
  • Effective cultural leadership can be learned and applied through the development of understanding of an appropriate cultural model as it relates to the key elements of effective workplace cultures.
  • Building high performance cultures is a definable process that can be successfully applied at any level of an organization.

Jerry Haney, founder of Visionomics has spent years developing, implementing and testing a unique model of cultural effectiveness. The model has been used in many situations leading to outstanding results over long periods of time. In addition, these organizations have been recognized for their outstanding workplace cultures measured by objective survey instruments.