Rapid Culture Change

Rapid Organizational Culture Change Is Possible

See Jerry conducting an organizational leadership training workshop

Let Jerry Haney show you his unique model for transformational leadership training that he has used with hundreds of leaders who were committed to organizational culture change as they strive to build highly effective teams at every level of the enterprise.  As a respected business keynote speaker, Jerry also is very often called upon to conduct organizational culture training workshops that provide leaders with practical tools for re-energizing their organizations that they can immediately apply within their own organizations

Jerry Haney, the founder of Visionomics and popular Corporate Keynote Speaker, spent over 30 years as a successful leader and turnaround specialist in the corporate environments of two very successful companies during their zenith, Xerox Corporation and Marion Laboratories (now part of Sanofi Aventis). NOTE – The year that Marion Labs was sold to Dow Chemical it had the highest sales and the highest profit per employee on the New York Stock Exchange

While Jerry was primarily a sales and marketing manager and executive, he also led organizations as diverse as engineering, quality assurance and manufacturing as well as a number of subsidiaries. During his experience, Jerry developed and utilized a unique model for understanding the critical elements of workplace culture that he very successfully used in his career-long management leadership training efforts

Now you can take advantage of Jerry’s experience as well. Jerry has introduced hundreds of leaders and their organizations to his model fororganizational culture change through keynote addresses, workshops and even whole cultural renewal process implementations.

The Visionomics Cultural Assessment is web-based automated assessment tool that will enable leaders at every level of your organization understand how their associates feel about the strengths and weaknesses of their particular work group.

Great organizational cultures don’t just happen. They are created by leaders who understand the critical elements of organizational culture change in high performance organizations. These leaders constantly monitor these critical elements within their organization to ensure that they are steadily providing appropriate organizational culture training to constantly move their workplace cultures toward their true performance potential by building organizations that consistently:

  • 1. Produce outstanding bottom-line results
  • 2. Attract, motivate and retain top talent
  • 3. Readily adapt to changing conditions