“A strong, adaptive culture is at the foundation of building sustainable shareholder value.  These cultures are built by holding leaders at every level of the organization accountable for cultural leadership.  Jerry’s book offers a proven model and process that can be effectively used by leaders at every level as they assume their inherent responsibility for cultural excellence.”
– Lloyd Hill – Chairman, CEO – Applebee’s International

“Jerry Haney’s years of experience building cultures combined with the Visionomics model gave us immediate insight in to establishing a base line for understanding our culture and most importantly how to work on the right components.  Jerry understands how to build great cultures while maximizing a company’s strategic imperatives.”
– Jim Drake – President Ensemble Company (Subsidiary of Hallmark Cards)

“Jerry knows how to establish and nurture an innovative and entrepreneurial corporate culture where company associates are motivated to excel and achieve personal satisfaction in carrying out their responsibilities.”
– Tom Olofson – Chairman, CEO – EPIQ Systems

“Not only has Jerry had many years of successful experience building and rebuilding high performance organizations, he has developed a very compelling model that will enable its followers to dramatically improve any workplace culture – at any level of the organization.”
– Rich Bendis – President & CEO – RAB Ventures

“I had the great pleasure of working in the business culture driven and nurtured by Jerry Haney at Marion Labs.  Jerry has taken his first hand experience and is now teaching others how to create an environment that results in higher productivity and retention.  My Marketing Organization has been extremely excited and motivated by these sessions that Jerry and Visionomics have led and are looking forward to continuing to enhance our already strong culture.”
– Diane Parks – Vice President Marketing – Genentech

“Having worked with Jerry Haney for many years, he is unparalleled with his communication skills that anchor his tremendous insight into culture development and general management.  He is truly one of the “best of the best” in his field”!!
– Dave Laconi – VP Sales Primary Care Division – Aventis Pharmaceuticals

“Jerry Haney assists organizations to understand, value, and develop culture in order to increase and expand the organization’s power base.  Jerry’s knowledge and enthusiasm for organizational culture will energize you and your organization.”
– Helen Connors, PhD. – Associate Dean Academic Affairs – Kansas University School of Nursing

“Jerry Haney’s ability to understand complex business issues combined with his knowledge of corporate cultures makes Making Culture Pay a must read for anyone wanting to make a bad company good or a good company great.”
– Dave Duplay – Managing Director – Life Sciences Practices

“Jerry Haney has an extraordinary ability to get front line supervisors to understand the impact that a dysfunctional corporate culture has on their day-to-day operations!”
– Roger Crain – Senior Vice President – Health Midwest

“Jerry has a unique understanding of how business leaders can continuously improve the performance of their organizations.  Through the use of his model Jerry is able to simplify the complex subject of cultural leadership while exciting managers at every level concerning their potential for dramatically improving the results of their own workplace cultures.”
– Bob Gourley – Former Chairman, CEO – Lawrence Photographic Inc.

“Jerry Haney brings the same wisdom and passion to the consulting arena that made him one corporate America’s most enlightened and effective leaders.  This man is an encouraging model and gifted communicator who helps us unlock the mystery of cultural transformation.”
– Joe Calhoon – Nationally recognized speaker and trainer

“Making Culture Pay stands and delivers a more rewarding and profitable workplace.  You grow to understand how an invisible fabric of interwoven forces can inspire people to actively embrace an enterprise with a true sense of ownership.”
– Jim Ramel – Executive Vice President of Marketing – VSR Financial Services, Inc.